About Us



Despite the nay-sayers, Jayne pushed through the odds and opened up La Nook Amour Jayne; a place women of all shapes and sizes can shop trendy attire and feel sexy and confident in their own skin. 


"I used to have really bad low self esteem and I still struggle with it every now and then. So, when I shop for clothes that I want to put in the store, I always take my time in choosing because I want women to feel good about themselves when they wear something from La Nook. The style of clothing I go for is very versatile, but I do aim more towards the sexy, yet classy look. Women need to start loving their bodies and embracing what they got, including myself and I hope that when they leave my store with a new outfit that they step at least one inch closer to true self-love."


Keep Calm Jayne On

B. Jayne